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18 December 2011 @ 11:43 pm
SERIES: Inception

1. Is fighting/attacking this character allowed?
Yes. Absolutely. Eames is an asshole and 90% of the time has it coming.

2. Is injury or character death allowed? What limits, if any, are there to injury?
Injury is fine, just clear it with me first. Same with death.

3. Is the use of telepathy/mind reading allowed on this character?
Within the realms of reasonability. Don't be a godmodding jerk about it, but if it's something your character would be able to glean then it's something your character would be able to glean. You might want to check with me first, though-- since Eames has experience messing with people's heads, depending on the way you're going about it it may or may not work as planned.

4. In general, what would a telepath/empath notice?
That he's very observant and that his mind moves very quickly. He also probably throws up diversions out of habit, what with his line of work.

5. Is fourth walling allowed? If yes, what restrictions are there?
Sure, though you'll weird him out. No restrictions, I guess.

6. Are there any triggering subjects that you would like to avoid IC or OOC?
Not that I can think of.

7. Any warnings others should know about this character?
Just that he's very deceptive. He's honest and gets along with his team, but beyond that you all exist for his entertainment. Sorry guys. :V

8. Additional notes, if any:
18 December 2011 @ 09:53 pm
Name/Nick: Zully Quirke
AIM/IM: Gchat: zullyquirke@gmail.com
E-mail: zullyquirke@gmail.com
Referred By: N/A
Other Characters: Kaylee Frye, Raylan Givens

Character Name: Eames
Fandom: Inception
Age: 33
Canon Point: When he emerges from the water, landing in the first level of the dream sequence, as Peter Browning.

Warden/Inmate: Warden. As much as Eames is deceptive and also a thief, he's ultimately a good man. Motivated by selfishness perhaps, but he's loyal to his team. He sticks to his cause and would never betray a team he's signed up on. As deceptive as his character type might seem to be, he's very straightforward with his teammates.
Inventory: His totem (a poker chip), his guns (Heckler and Koch P2000), a closet full of hideously cheap suits and equally hideous shirts. Probably some cheap alcohol. A lot of hair grease.

Abilities/Powers: Eames is a forger. In addition to the usual things this would imply -- faking passports, paperwork, approvals, credentials -- in the dream world he can actually forge people's identities. He studies a person (or creates people on his own) and using a mirror actually turns himself into them. In a dreamscape he is, to anyone who sees him, in every way the person he's imitating. As such he's incredibly observant, noting minute details about people and places out of sheer habit and recalls things with eerie accuracy, especially when he's actually on a job and actually focusing. He's also experienced at hand-to-hand combat, the use of various guns and rocket launchers, and is an excellent pick-pocket.

Personality: Eames is very charismatic, manipulative, and a terrible flirt. His job requires that he be very personable, that he get along with anyone and everyone necessary to complete his job. He has to be able to sweet-talk his way into positions to observe the target he's supposed to be forging and be slick enough to get back out undetected. He can talk his way both in and out of anything that he wants to.. which has the unique problem of making his life very, very boring. Little in his life actually seems interesting when little in his life is an actual challenge. This is in part why it didn't take much convincing to get him to work on the inception job. It's also why he remains loyal to the team he worked with on said job, especially after all they went through together.

That being said, outside of this context Eames can seem very cavalier and disinterested. He's brisk, almost curt with people he doesn't know too well-- unless they pique his curiosity or have something he'd like to have. He's constantly observing his surroundings, constantly noting what's going on around him and therefore doesn't often look whomever he's speaking with in the eye. This makes him seem even more distant and disinterested, which given the measured nature of his personality is very likely on purpose.

He always has a relaxed sense about him, though. He always has a bit of a slouch, a casual manner of talk, a bit of a hunch when he walks. He wears cheap suits and loud shirts, slicks back his hair and always leaves a bit of stubble on his face. He tries to look unassuming, harmless, with a casual smile and an innocent drink. And almost every ounce of what he does is measured to exactness per the outcome he's seeking.

Path to Redemption: N/A
Job Effectiveness: Eames is likely to try to buddy up to his inmate. Attempt to befriend him and use his charm and ability to easily relate to people to try and figure out the best angle to "incept" his inmate's train of thought. He'd probably try something akin to what he did during the movie; make his Inmate feel like his salvation is an idea all of his own making, making it all the more likely that he'll work towards attaining it.

History: Inception Wiki!

Extra Notes:

Journal Entry: [The video flickers on, and Eames is leaning just a little too closely into the camera.]


[He leans back with a bit of a smile.]

What have we here, then? I'm not sure if this is a dream or reality, and frankly I'm not sure yet which I'd prefer. [his smile broadens]

So! Do I know anyone on this particular job? I figure I must to be recommended for it as such. Unless my reputation precedes me, of course, which gives me mixed feelings given the nature of my work.

Please at least tell me Arthur is here. I don't know if I could stand the inevitable boredom a job would surely consist of without his constant wit and clever conversation.

Sample Log: He'd just been looking for an innocent drink. Well, and a chance to lose his shirt. He'd never been a terribly good gambler, not that it stopped him from trying. It frustrated him endlessly how poor he was at games of chance. His job, his entire life was one large game of chance; you'd think that would lend to him at least being able to cheat enough money out of someone between jobs to earn a decent living. But alas, it was his lot in life to lose out constantly. Including the moment Dom had walked into that bar.

It was nice to be on a job again, though. And not some simple, boring smash-and-grab. Oh no, this was inception. Something he'd heard about but never actually seen done. Hell, he'd never even heard of it being done successfully and yet here he was. The man who didn't like taking risks he couldn't reasonably predict the outcome of, the man who frequently lost the few times he took those risks anyway, on a plane to God knew where to take on Dom's insane mission for.. what, a payout?

A beautiful payout, though. By far the largest payout he'd been offered to date, one that would guarantee he wouldn't have to rely on his dubious gambling abilities to pay his hotel fees each week. But beyond that it was the most exciting job he'd had in months. Years, really. That was his prime motivation. Not that he would've done it for free, of course, but it was the reason he hadn't asked as many questions as he likely should have. Questions that were nagging at him now. Jobs in his line of work only had large payouts for a select number of reasons, chief among them were that they were jobs more likely to kill you than not.

He'd have to watch this team closely. He knew Dom, worked with Arthur. Yusuf he'd recommended himself. The rest, though-- this girl, and Saito who was apparently the money behind the job-- they were question marks. And frankly he didn't know Dom or Arthur that well either. Enough to have done jobs with them but certainly not enough to trust them yet. He'd keep his eyes peeled. He'd watch. See if this job was as as intriguing as it was monetarily enriching.

He sighed again, grateful that the plane he was on at least offered free alcohol. And all he'd wanted was an innocent drink.
08 August 2010 @ 11:34 pm
Drop post blah blah stuff goes here soon.
25 July 2010 @ 01:07 am
Here, have a con/crit post. Any tips, comments as to how I play this guy are welcome here.